What Does the Transportation Fairness Alliance Stand For?

The Transportation Fairness Alliance is a diverse set of organizations that support a competitive and equitable transportation sector. Collectively, we represent our nation’s manufacturers, small business owners, farmers and folks who pay utility bills.

The Alliance was created because there are structural flaws in our transportation infrastructure system. Our goal is to shed light on those issues to ensure all Americans are on a level playing field when it comes to their transportation choices.

While our membership may not agree on every issue, we all agree it’s time for a rational, balanced conversation about how transportation fairness can be achieved. Some of the issues we’re focused on include:

  • Everyone who uses our roads should help pay for their construction and upkeep
  • Utilities should not raise rates for everyone to cover the cost of EV infrastructure and chargers that serve only a very few
  • Utilities and non-utilities should be on a level playing field when it comes to charging infrastructure 
    • Allowing all companies, not just utilities, to sell electricity to EVs will encourage competition
  • Government transportation incentives should not be directed toward competitive technologies that have reached commercial scale
  • State governments should respect consumer choice
    • They shouldn’t ban gas-powered cars or set vehicle quotas that require families and auto dealers to buy or sell a minimum percentage of EVs

In short, the Transportation Fairness Alliance stands for just that – fairness. We’re working toward a system that treats all vehicles and vehicle owners fairly, regardless of the type of powertrain that propels cars forward.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll explore these and other issues in greater depth to further illustrate how some of these issues impact you. Interested in learning more? Sign up to receive updates on the Transportation Fairness Alliance’s latest activities and news.